About Pyrex


  • Original in design, the Impressions range is a classic vintage-styled ceramic collection perfect for kitchen to table serving. Available in red, white and blue and suitable for the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher, these multifunctional range is perfect for every day cooking and special occasions.
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  • The Curves range of ceramic ovenware products includes rectangular, oval and square roasters, a round casserole dish, an individual ramekin and a terrine. The range is available in two on-trend colours, classic cream and vibrant red and is made from highly heat resistant ceramic. The elegant design means that you can take the dish from the oven straight to the table.
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  • These colourful ceramic bowls have been designed to reflect the ‘Cinderella’ shape, which rose to popularity in the 1950s. The range comes in two sizes, 2 litre-capacity mixing bowls, and small 0.5 litre bowls, perfect for sharing snacks or individual meals. The bowls come in three vibrant colours, turquoise, yellow and red, and feature a glossy white interior.
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