About Pyrex


Pyrex® Origin+, an induction pots and pans range ensuring a successful & healthy cooking everyday!

All cookware items feature a more resistant*, more durable* and 100% healthy non-stick coating. This exclusive coating is made with 3 strong layers including a reinforced mid-layer with natural minerals. These characteristics ensure safe cooking, perfect release of food and easy-cleaning day after day.

Pots and pans also feature a thick induction bottom ensuring optimum heat distribution for smooth and precise recipes. In addition, the exclusive Pyrex® Y shape handle provides a secure and comfortable handling. Saucepans and stewpots are designed with a pouring spout to help you when pouring. Plus, all cookware items are dishwasher safe. Proving their durability Origin+ pots and pans come with a 10 years guarantee.


*than Xylan+ coating