We are writing to inform you that as of July 24th it will no longer be possible to purchase Pyrex products from the website www.pyrexuk.com. After this date the website will continue to exist as a corporate website to communicate Pyrex’s product range and news. All existing customer accounts will still be held securely on our database, in line with the new GDPR guidelines, to allow any existing product guarantees to be accessible.
About Pyrex

My First Pyrex

The My First Pyrex® range of glass storage containers are designed to make preparing nutritious meals for your baby easier than ever.
Each container is made from Pyrex®'s iconic borosilicate glass, allowing you to cook and store your mini-meals in the fridge and freezer, before reheating them in the oven or the microwave.
The dishes are suitable for the dishwasher, and scratch and stain-resistant, making them extremely hygienic compared to plastic alternatives.

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